Have you been ignoring your gutters lately? Gutters that are allowed to fall into a state of disrepair and become clogged or compromised will fail to protect your home. Clogged and misaligned gutters will lead to leaky roofs and eventually, water damage. Clogged gutters are also a veritable paradise for rodents, pests, and mold that should not be allowed to enter your home.

If you are experiencing water in your basement, leaky roof lines, or an unusual abundance of mosquitoes in and around your home, perhaps it’s time to consider commercial gutter cleaning. Avoid these common mistakes and set you and your commercial gutter cleaning West Palm Beach, FL technician up for success as you look forward to cleaner, healthier drainage on your property.

Excessive Clogging of Downspouts

If you haven’t given attention to your roof line in recent months, you are likely to see a large collection of debris at the top of any gutter opening. Water is unable to flow down and through your gutter system, so it accumulates near the top of your roof line, causing damage to shingles, sealant, and other materials. Your commercial gutter cleaning West Palm Beach, FL technician may have a difficult time removing hardened debris and allowing things to flow smoothly once more. Getting gutters cleaned and maintained on a regular basis will help prevent excessive buildup that leads to eventual water damage.

Sagging and Damaged Gutters

If entire sections of your gutter are sagging or damaged, it will render your whole system useless. No amount of cleaning and maintenance will correct this issue until those damaged sections of the gutter are repaired. Have your gutter technician assess your system for signs of weakness and disrepair and make recommendations for the best steps to bring your system up to code and clean once more.

Constant Dripping

Did you notice drips at any point align your gutter line, you likely have a leak on your hands. This can develop because of normal wear and tear that gutters go through, or it could be a result of excessive debris that wears down sealants at the joints and along seams.

The good news is leaks can be easily sealed off with a waterproof gutter sealant. When applied to joints, your leak is essentially fixed. If you find that holes are too large, many hardware stores offer patching kits that you can use to move water along effectively.

Improper Inclines

If your gutter system is not properly pitched at an appropriate angle, it will prevent water from effectively draining away from your home. Your gutter technician should be able to assess what is needed based on your roof pitch and unique aspects of your roof line. While cleaning is a necessary part of gutter maintenance, proper installation, and angling of your system will be essential to making sure that it works properly.

Downspouts Too Close

Quite often oh, many of us give attention to gutters along our roof lines, but we fail to evaluate the effectiveness of downspout location. Downspouts that remain too close to your home’s foundation will eventually allow water to seep through and down into your basement, causing foundational damage that will be very hard to correct. Monitor and adjust the angle and lengths of your downspouts to prevent internal water damage from occurring.

Commercial Gutter Cleaning Services West Palm Beach, FL

K&B Seamless Gutters has all your commercial gutter cleaning services in West Palm Beach, FL covered. Repair, installation, cleaning, and maintenance plans ensure that every aspect of your gutter system is protected and preserved to serve you well. Set up a seasonal maintenance inspection and cleaning today; call us to confirm your appointment.