Leaf guards are one of the easiest ways to extend the life of your gutters. As you know, your gutters get a lot of wear and tear especially during the fall. Over time, this can cause serious damage to your gutters, roof, foundation, and even your foundation. If unattended over time, these problems can become costly not to mention a huge eyesore on your property. Installing leaf guard systems for your downspouts is an easy way to prevent further damage from occurring. 

Although they can prevent blockages and excessive downspouts clogging, the real question is whether they’re worth the added cost of installing them. In this post, we’ll go through a few scenarios to determine whether they’re worth it or not.

Leaf guards will eliminate the frequency and difficulty of cleaning your gutters.

Leaf guards are designed to keep leaves and other debris from getting into your gutters. This allows you to clean them out less frequently and with less difficulty. If you have a lot of leaves in your gutters, that can be a job that takes several hours, especially if you have trees close to your home.

Leaf guards reduce the risk of clogged gutters by preventing debris from entering them in the first place. They also keep gutters clean longer, reducing the frequency of cleaning them and thus cutting down on repair costs. They also protect your gutters against fire damage and insect infestation, which can be costly to fix.

They eliminate rust and corrosion.

Leaf guards are very effective in stopping leaves and debris from entering the gutters. A blocked gutter or downspout will cause the rainwater to pool up and sit in the gutters. This blockage causes rust and corrosion to form, reducing the life of your gutter.

By hiring a gutter professional to install leaf guards, you will save money and eliminate headaches. Your gutter system will work flawlessly and won’t have to be replaced sooner than expected. It will also keep rust stains from forming on the exterior walls of your home. Not having to repair and re-paint your walls due to rust stains is another way leaf guards will save you money.

Leaf guards will protect your home from water damage.

When your gutter system gets blocked with leaves and debris, the water will overflow and begin causing damage to your home’s exterior. Even before rust and corrosion start forming on the gutters, other serious problems start to develop. Some of the other costly damage that will happen are:

  • Damage to the foundation
  • Rot damage to the fascia
  • Flooded basements
  • Roof damage
  • Mold and mildew
  • Asphalt damage to your driveway

They prevent insect and rodent infestations.

The stagnant water that forms in your blocked gutters attracts rodents and insects. They are attracted to this type of environment and before you know it, are living and breeding in your gutters. Over time, they will start to make their way into your home through the fascia and soffit. 

An exterminator can come and remove the pests, but the problem remains. If you don’t recognize that the source of the infestation started with your gutters, you will be calling that exterminator on a regular basis. By having leaf guards installed, this costly problem will be eliminated.

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