Seamless gutters are truly the right choice when replacing your current gutters or having new gutters installed. Having a streamlined, seamless, and smooth gutter around your home will add to its curb appeal. They are cheaper to maintain and with a professional installation, they can be on your home before you know it! In this article we’ve listed 5 reasons to invest in seamless gutters, keep reading to learn more!

They keep the leaves out and the rain in.

Leaves and debris are much less likely to clog your gutter with a seamless gutter system. An old sectional gutter has a system of joints that connect the short pieces together. 

Leaves and debris get easily caught on the many joints, causing sectional gutters to jam. Once that first leaf or stick gets caught, the rest start piling up. The chances of that happening in a seamless gutter are much slimmer. 

Joints or the meeting points in gutters are also where the weak spots usually occur. This is where you will first see rust form on your sectional gutter. This rust will lead to holes, and holes in your gutter will lead to leaky gutter and other damages. 

A seamless gutter eliminates that risk, keeping the rain inside and off your home and foundation.

Seamless gutters last longer.

Sorry, but we have to talk about those nasty joints again. Having an old sectional gutter means you will have to end up replacing the joints over time. When rust forms, and it will, the whole section at that joint starts to deteriorate. That’s the joint itself and two sections of gutter you will have to replace.

A seamless gutter is a perfection in design. It is made from one piece and connected to your home so that there are no unsightly joints sticking out every few feet.

Seamless gutters are stronger.

A lot of old sectional gutters are made of vinyl. While inexpensive, this lightweight material is a waste of your hard-earned dollar. It simply lacks the strength and durability to withstand South Florida weather. It is also prone to cracking and warping, especially in our warm tropical climate.

The aluminum used in most sectional gutters is made of a thinner gauge, causing them to bend and bow over time. Having rusted, bowed-out sectional gutters is like a black eye on your house which is something no one wants!

K&B Seamless Gutters offers you a variety of durable metals made from the thickest gauge available. The most popular choices are steel and aluminum which will hold up for years to come. Another fine choice would have to be copper. A gorgeous copper gutter wrapped around your home will add a hint of grace and charm. 

They are custom-made.

We build your gutter on-site, using a roll former to create the shape and design you want. After measuring your home, we customize your rain gutters so that there is one continuous piece along each wall. 

There are also a wide variety of colors to choose from. You can have your seamless gutters match the color of your trim or roof. Or if you prefer, you can choose a different color that compliments the appearance of your home.

This simple concept greatly improves the appearance of your home’s exterior. No seams, no joints, just a smooth and linear architectural feature that protects and adorns your home.

Seamless gutters are cost-effective.

While the initial expense might be more than an old sectional gutter, it will save you money in the long run. You won’t have to spend your time and money every year replacing broken gutter sections and joints. 

With a seamless gutter, you also reduce the risk of expensive repairs from water damage. Leaking sectional gutters can ruin the foundation of your home, causing very expensive repairs. They also can create leaks that cause mold to grow in your walls. This type of problem is not just a risk to your wallet, but also your health.

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