The most common questions regarding gutters are usually about which kind of gutters are best to purchase. However, sometimes you have to consider that gutters aren’t going to last forever, there is going to be a point in time where you will have to get them replaced. Many homeowners get the gutters and tend to put the thought of them in the back of their mind. This can be easy to do as they for the most part function by themselves and do not require a ton of attention from the homeowner the way other utilities might. Nonetheless, gutter replacement is extremely important. Not replacing the gutters promptly can lead to problems with water damage, which can further damage your property. This topic brings up a variety of other questions. You might be wondering how you would even know its time to replace them and how much longer you have until you have to replace them. The best thing you can do next time you clean your gutters, or next time you have them cleaned, is to take a good look at the gutters and consider what condition they are currently in. If they aren’t looking to be in the best of quality it may be time to consider getting them replaced.

How Long Does the Average Gutter System Last?

Every gutter system’s lifespan can vary on a variety of factors such as weather, how often it’s being serviced on, and what type of gutter it is. To put this more into perspective, copper gutters have an average lifespan of 50 years while aluminum and steel gutters have an average lifespan of 20 years. The type of weather patterns in different locations can either shorten or lengthen the lifespan as well. To get a better idea of the lifespan of your specific gutter, reach out to K & B Seamless Gutters.

Signs to Look for When Evaluating your Gutters

The best way to have your gutters evaluated is to have a representative from K & B Seamless Gutters give them a closer look when cleaning them. This will kill two birds with one stone; not only are you getting your gutters clean, an important part to keeping them in good shape so they can have a long lifespan, you are also getting an experts opinion on the condition and time estimate until replacement. More often than not, our representatives will be able to provide you with a lifespan estimate. Another perk of having an expert come out is for preventative reasons. Say there is something minor wrong with the gutters, you don’t need them replaced yet but there is a problem worth fixing. Our representative will be able to inform you of this issue and what kind of repairs are needed to get your gutter running smoothly again. This is a huge time saver for you and could prevent the gutter lifespan from shortening due to a problem going unnoticed. However, if you are going to take a look at the gutter on your own time, there are some key signs you should keep an out for.

. The gutters are rusting.
. You are experiencing water leaks after heavy rain.
. The landscapes beneath the gutters have eroded.
. The gutters have holes and look bent.
. The gutters look like they are caving in or falling apart.
. The paint around the house is starting to peel.

If your gutter is demonstrating any of the above signs, it might be time for an expert to come on out and double-check. Even if the problem ends up being a small and fixable one, it is still smart to have it nipped in the bud before it progresses into a larger issue. When it comes to gutters, it’s not about the gutter but about protecting your property. Having a clean and healthy gutter will make your life less stressful and keep your money in your wallet. For your seamless gutter installment needs, cleaning needs, and gutter protection needs, contact K & B Seamless Gutters for optimal service and installation. We make sure we treat every home like it is our own. Call us at (954) 790-8040 for all your Broward County gutter needs and (561) 532-1019 for all of your Palm Beach County gutter needs.