Gutter Guards are frequently debated online about their value and if they work well. These debates usually bring up some common misconceptions about gutter guards, such as they are a waste of money and do not keep debris out. These misconceptions are wrong and result in many people not purchasing the gutter guards, thus spending more money on gutter cleaning in the long run. Gutter guards function to keep debris, leaves, and water out of your gutters and come in an abundance of types. While leaves and debris do not sound like the biggest threat to your home, you will see that there other things such as insects and water that can cause severe damage. A lot of the general public does not think to factor in these other threats when considering whether to purchase gutter guards; this causes a lot of misinformation to get out there about the exact benefits of having these guards installed. At K&B Seamless Gutter Inc. we have all the facts about gutter guards and their effectiveness. Here is your list of benefits to gutter guards filled with all of the potential risks for those who do not have them installed.

What are the Benefits to Gutter Guards?

. Prevents Premature Rusting: Constant water falling directly on the gutters can lead to premature rusting. The best way to prevent this is to make sure the gutters are protected as opposed to having water constantly sitting on the gutter.

. Gutters can be Cleaned Less: The gutter guards will act as a protective barrier against common forms of debris that get stuck in the gutter. The less often a leaf falls into the gutter, the less often you have to have someone come out to clean it. This benefit can save you money in the long run as well.

. Easy to Add: Many consumers are hesitant because of the misconception that adding gutter guards is a whole production. When in fact, it’s a quick and easy addition to whatever gutters the owner already has. The installation process is not time-consuming nor is it a hassle to homeowners.

. Prevents Birds and Rodents: Sometimes birds and rodents will choose a gutter as a place for them to nest. These nests can result in causing issues with the gutters and are usually an unwelcome surprise to homeowners.

. Prevent Stagnant Water Build-up: Stagnant water build-up can result in serious issues for the homeowner. There’s a threat that the water can build-up enough to the point where it will overflow and cause damage to the home. Another issue commonly seen with build-up is insects. The last place you want any insects calling home are your gutters, they may be small but they can cause a large amount of damage.

As you can see the list of the benefits and risks is quite comprehensive, more so than most people with gutters would have considered. There are so many aspects to the list that are not consciously thought about when thinking about purchasing gutters and gutter guards. This is a huge reason why it is crucial to go with a company that is going to tell you all of the good, bad, and the ugly about gutters. While yes, they are a property necessity and assist with a lot as far as rainwater goes. They cannot function to their maximum potential if the proper protection is not installed. The gutters can do everything you expect them to, but when you have to continually clean them and get nests of some sort in them, they start to become much more difficult to manage and utilizes. Talk to a company you trust for all your gutter guard needs, don’t wait until spillover, insects, or rust get the best of your property and gutters. You need a quality system that you know is going to work for you long-term. Get the best out of your gutters and contact K&B Seamless Gutter Inc. to learn more about how to protect your gutters. If you live in Broward call (954) 790-8040 and if you live in Palm Beach County call (561) 523-1019.